RiOrganize + Christy Carlson Romano + iDesign Kitchen Organization Collaboration

We were beyond thrilled for the opportunity to work with a personal favorite growing up—Christy Carlson Romano! Millennials know Christy as the voice of Kim Possible and star of Even Stevens. She and her husband, Brendan, recently welcomed their second daughter and moved into a new home—all within the span of a couple of weeks. What a whirlwind! Between her just having her second baby, and me ready to pop with our third, we were both in full nesting mode! iDesign sent amazing product for this collaboration and we can’t wait to share them with you!

RiOrganize Christy Carlson Romano
RiOrganize Christy Carlson Romano Pantry Makeover

With a clean slate, we were able to move right into purging Christy’s kitchen items—unpacking and sorting items by type and category. We love when we get to help clients move into their new spaces. By starting with organizational systems during move-in, you set yourself up for success right from the beginning.

With how quickly Christy’s family had to move in, items were placed without purpose and function in mind. The arrival of a little one can easily make organization less of a priority and we of all people totally get it! That is what we are here for—to create the systems for you that are easily maintainable and give you more time for what really matters—all the newborn snuggles!

RiOrganize Pantry Makeover
RiOrganize Pantry Makeover


In the pantry, we used products from iDesign’s Linus Open Cabinet Organizers to create a system that would help make items accessible and easy to find. Their bins are a RíOrganize favorite because they allow you divide and contain boxed items by category.

RiOrganize Pantry Organization
RiOrganize iDesign Linus Open Cabinet Organizers

Our black labels were placed on the front to help clearly identify where each item goes. Now all of Christy’s baking supplies, pastas, and grains are nice and neat—and as an added bonus, with everything visible, no more buying duplicate ingredients!

Perishable items were taken out of their boxes and placed in air tight Oxo Pop canisters to help to keep them fresher for longer. Their toddler’s snacks were placed in one of our favorite iDesign products—the Divided Turntable. Loose packaged items, like purée packets, snack bars, and popcorn were placed in hyacinth baskets—pretty and functional, that’s the RíOrganize way!

RiOrganize Oxo Containers
RiOrganize Christy Carlson Romano Pantry


We took full advantage of the beautiful clear upper cabinets to show up Christy’s lovely dishes—a great way to bring design into organization!

RiOrganize Kitchen Cabinets
RiOrganize Ria Safford Kitchen Makeover

Glassware was organized by type and we added iDesign fridge wine holders to make it easy to grab their favorite water bottle! One of our favorite hacks!

RiOrganize Kitchen Cabinet Organization
RiOrganize Interdesign Wine Holder

For the lower cabinets, we added racks to keep pot and pan lids tidy—no more lids floating around the cabinet.

RiOrganize Kitchen Cabinet Organization
RiOrganize Interdesign Turntable

We also placed iDesign Divided Turntables in many of the lower cabinets to organize tea canisters, alcohol and beverages. These are great to use throughout the house for just about anything!


Have I mentioned how much we LOVE iDesign product? Their deep drawer organizers are great for keeping kitchen gadgets in place—spatulas, brushes or whatever Christy and Brendan need, are now ready-to-grab while they are cooking.

Drawer dividers for the win! Whether it’s the kitchen or bedroom, dividers help reduce the clutter that builds up when you just toss things into an overfilled drawer. Each section holds a specific type of items—again making it easy to keep things in their place. The iDesign Formbu Adjustable Drawer Dividers were perfect for separating ziplock bags, foil and cling wrap!

RiOrganize Kitchen Drawer Organization
RiOrganize Kitchen Drawer Organization

One thing we love to do is use drawers in unexpected ways. While some people leave spices out on their countertop or put them in a cabinet, we opted to utilize an empty drawer for Christy’s spices. These adorable and modern spice labels can be found at the Paper & Pear Store on Etsy.

RiOrganize Ria Safford iDesign Kitchen Organization
RiOrganize Kitchen Organization Spice Labels

The team and I had so much fun creating organizational systems for Christy, Brendan, and her littles. Now they have the right systems in place to keep everything organized and upkeep for mom and dad will be a breeze!

A big thank you to our partner, iDesign, for helping us with this project!
This is project was sponsored by iDesign. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal view.