5 Must Have Home Organization Products


Our Favorite Home Organization Products

We get asked all the time what our go to products are for home organizing. There are so many great tools and products out there, but we always try and look for items that are not only functional, they look great in your space too!

InterDesign Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan’s get a bad rap! They aren’t lazy at all, they are great at creating an easy way to grab things in a tight location. You can use these in just about every room of the house from the bathroom, to the kitchen. In the pantry they can keep your different cooking oils easy to reach without having to rearrange them each time you need one. You can grab a divided one and use it in your linen closet in the bathroom to keep all your vitamins and daily essentials easy to reach during your morning routine.

The Container Store Hyacinth Storage Cubes

Not only are these baskets great looking, they are super handy to store things that may not fit in with the room’s aesthetic! You can use these in the living room to contain the kid’s toys in something that looks good and can fit into the design of the room. We also love to use these on the bottom of pantries for overstock items, lunch bags, grocery bags, etc. Really these baskets are a great option that are the perfect combination of form and function.

OXO Good Grips POP Containers

Have you ever gone to the pantry to grab some flour or sugar for baking and realize that the large bag sitting on the shelf is nearly empty? OXO POP canisters not only keep your food fresh, they also allow you to see just how much of an item you have left. They have sizes for just about everything from flour and sugar, to pasta and snacks. These are always a go-to when we are organizing pantries for our clients. Not to mention, they look really great all lined up in a row on your pantry shelves. They make for a beautifully organized pantry especially with the finished touch of our handwritten labels.

InterDesign Stackable Kitchen Storage Organizer Bins

We love using these inside the kitchen and out! They are great for organizing and stacking in your fridge to be able to see all the food you have and InterDesign has so many options from egg cartons to soda can organizers, so you can create a beautiful and functional space. In the pantry we love them to keep like foods together, or contain easy to grab snacks for your littles after school. We love using these to contain toiletries in the bathroom too!

The Container Store Shoe Box

These little storage boxes are fantastic for keeping your craft closets organized! We love putting everything with like items and placing labels on the front to easily get to your items. Since they have lids, they are perfect for stacking and keeping everything neat and tidy. They are also great to use in the bathroom in closets and cabinets to keep everything contained and easy to reach! The possibilities are endless with these boxes!


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Ria Safford