RíOrganize x The Laundress: How to Organize Your Laundry Room

As professional organizers, there is nothing that gets us more excited than new organizational products! When The Laundress reached out about partnering up for their home organization launch, we were thrilled for the opportunity.

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Who is The Laundress?

The Laundress is an Eco-Friendly line of detergent, fabric care, home cleaning products and most recently, home organization products.  This company was created to help their customers take care of themselves, the things they love, and the environment--ummm hi, this totally speaks our language!


So what’s this new home organization line all about?

The line features high-quality, breathable cotton / cotton canvas hanging clothing storage, storage cubes, shoe organizers, laundry bags, laundry sorters and more. We were given the chance to showcase the Storage Cubes, Collapsible Hamper, and Triple Color-Sorter.

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Okay this sounds amazing, how can I use these products in my own home?

RíOrganize wants to show you how to organize your laundry space with these products. Let us take you through the process.

But first, can we talk about this packaging? From the moment you take these items out of the shipping box, you can see the quality--crisp, clean and beautiful.

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Storage Cube

The goal with any space is to keep your items contained and accessible. When space is limited, it is time to put your upper shelving storage to work. Maximize all of your space! We call any space not being used to its full potential, sad space, and nobody wants that.

The Laundress Storage Cubes were the perfect solution to hold items like paper products, overstock and light bulbs for our client. The easy-grab handles on the Storage Cubes add so much ease to the taking down process. Just perfect!


Medium Storage Box

Our client was previously storing items like socks and cleaning rags on the countertop in open baskets. While this storage solution makes an easy grab-and-go, it can often appear cluttered and disorganized with certain items. Enter, the Medium Storage Boxes! These were the answer for keeping items accessible on the counter space with a covered lid that would always contain the items and keep a tidy appearance.


The Storage Cube and Medium Storage Boxes come with label slips and white sheets for writing on. We chose to add a little RíOrganize touch and add one on our black and white handwritten labels! A lot of bins don’t come with places to insert labels, making it challenging to figure out the best solution. Just another way this company thought of it all and wanted the process to be simple.

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Dirty Clothes Solutions

While The Laundress is very well known for the products that get your clothes perfectly clean--they knew it was important to include solutions in this new line that would catch the dirt and make the laundry and dry cleaning process a “luxurious experience” as they say!

The Collapsible Hamper and Triple Sorter did just the trick for our clients space! We were able to implement the collapsible hamper in the closet to be used for a dry-cleaning catch-all.

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The Triple Sorter fit like a dream just outside the closet in the vanity space of the master bathroom that is not used as a vanity.


Real Talk

We used a client’s space to simply stage how these products could be used in your own laundry room. But guess what? She was SO in love with all of these amazing organization solutions that she wanted to keep it all! The Laundress absolutely nailed it with this beautiful new home organization line and RíOrganize cannot wait to implement more of their products in future client projects!

Ria Safford